KETO The Good The Bad And The Ugly

KETO The Good The Bad And The Ugly

  Seems like everyone and their dog is jumping on the keto diet bandwagon these days. Every week I have a new client that is hoping that I will put her on this "miracle" diet to help her lose weight.  I don't. Yes, I know there are tons of success stories out there...

What Happened To Your New Years Resolution?

What Happened To Your New Years Resolution?

Well here we are!  Over halfway through the year and that New Years Resolution may now be just a distant memory. Do you remember what it was? When it comes to goal setting there are a few things your need to remember. Did you know that less than 10% of people actually...


Hi I’m Laura

Thank you for coming!

I'm a certified Life Coach & Personal Trainer and I have helped hundreds of menopausal women get off the mood swing roller coaster and to lose the weight they have gained through this time of life.

It is time for a healthier you!!!


If you are tired of the menopause roller coaster.

If you tired of doing the same things over and over expecting a different result

Then you have come to the right place!!!

Let me help you on your journey.

Please grab a coffee and stay a while!

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