Having just given birth to my second child and struggling with being overweight all of my adult life,  I decided it was time to start taking care of myself a little better. What started as haphazardly joining an outdoor boot camp a friend was recommending, turned out to be an absolute life changer. Laura has made a profound impact on my life both from a physical perspective and an emotional one. She held me accountable in a way I was never able to hold myself accountable. She encouraged me when I didn’t have the confidence to cheer myself on, and she had faith in me when all my faith in myself had dwindled. I lost 100lbs in the year that followed my first boot camp with Laura and I believe whole heartedly that it would not have been the case had she not been a large part of my journey. Laura is not only still my trainer (almost 5 years later) but she has become a mentor and friend.

Terin Duell

What Happened To Your New Years Resolution?

What Happened To Your New Years Resolution?

Well here we are!  Over halfway through the year and that New Years Resolution may now be just a distant memory. Do you remember what it was? When it comes to goal setting there are a few things your need to remember. Did you know that less than 10% of people actually...

Top 5 Online Weight Loss Programs

Top 5 Online Weight Loss Programs

Seems like everyone wants to lose weight these days. So where do you begin? As a personal trainer and life coach I believe in one on one contact and accountability. This being said, I see the demand for cheap and easy online weight loss programs. I looked at putting...


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