Crash Diets.

I can count on one hand in all my years in the personal training business where a crash diet worked in the long term. The results are just not sustainable. A bit of water weight is gone, probably some of your muscle, but are you losing fat?

Highly unlikely. Over the long term. Trust me, the weight will come back.

So if you are wanting to fit in the little black dress in a weeks time. Go ahead. You will pay for it now and probably later. But hey! The dress will look good!

Crash Diets

Here are three reasons why I hate “crash diets.”

1. Doing A “Crash Diet” Can ACTUALLY Make You Fatter

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight can tell you that slowing your metabolism by not eating enough is JUST NOT GOOD. When your body doesn’t get enough food, it goes into “starvation mode” and sends a network of signals that say slow down so you don’t starve. Our bodies were made to thrive and survive, so starvation is considered a very real threat. Our bodies learn to conserve, conserve, conserve when that threat is present.

We know a high metabolism is the key to losing weight, but a crash diet can actually make your metabolic rate lower. Muscle breakdown is much greater with extreme dieting, rather than a steady prolonged approach. Less muscle reduces your metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn while resting and can ultimately result in weight gain later on.

The biggest no no part about doing a crash diet is that once you’re done losing the weight, and go back to your normal life, your body still is waiting for you to starve it. Guess what this means. You guessed it. No matter what you’re eating your body will hold it again. What does this equal? Your 5-10 pounds you lost? Is coming right back!!! Now you are going to have to work even harder to get your metabolism back on track to even maintain the weight you started with!!!

Lose weight

2. You’re Not Actually Losing Fat

Very rarely do you even burn fat when doing a crash diet. Most of the weight loss on the scale is due to the loss of water. Your body also like to use muscle for energy rather than using the stubborn fat. So not only are you losing water but you are depleting your muscle mass. Pretty shitty deal all around.

Have you ever wondered why some diets, like juicing and fasting, lead to such quick weight loss? It’s because you’re losing water weight, and that is just not going to produce longer-term weight loss. Glycogen, which is a source of energy that binds water, are also depleted faster than the fat cells releasing the water. So, when you start eating again, your body will replenish glycogen and water store and weight gain follows. Plus you can become dehydrated as a result, which can mean headaches and dizziness. Yech.

Why crash diets are so bad for you

3. You Are So So So Tired 

Going on a crash diet will kill your energy. When your body goes into starvation mode, (and it will when your metabolism slows) it tries to use as little energy as possible to survive the period without food. This means you have less energy for your every day activities. And if you are going to the gym crazily during this time as well. Well you are just fighting a losing battle.

Crash diets may lead to weight loss, in the short term. As I said above, most of this weight comes from the reduction of glycogen and water stores. This action results in the loss of energy, making you feel fatigued. Also, due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients taken in while doing a crash diet, your body is unable to produce energy, leaving you feeling sluggish and tired.

Tires never looks good in a little black dress. Just sayin.

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Sooner or later

While a crash diet may help you lose those extra pounds in time to wear that little black dress, the results are generally short-lived and can ultimately have a negative impact on your body and mind.

Give yourself more time. Seek out a nutrition plan and a workout plan that will give you results over the long term. These are ones that only promise about 1-2 pounds per week weight loss. It needs to be a lifestyle change to lose the weight and keep it off. as I have said many times. Diets don’t work.

If you are looking at crash diets. You need to read The Weight Loss Mindset

What crash diets have you tried? I want to know! Leave your comments below.

Loving life one day at a time!



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