It can be a tough to deal with disappointment as an emotion because no matter who you are, or where you are in the stage of your life. We know there is always going to be something to be disappointed over. Sometimes those disappointments come at warp speed. Sometimes the disappointment is from something truly life changing. And then there always the little ones that just make you shake your head. So how do you deal? What are some of the tricks and tips to keep you from wallowing in the disappointment and make it easier to move on.

disappointment how to deal

So now what do we do? These 10 Steps Can Help You Get There!!

  1. Take a moment to…FEEL.

    You may find you are able to get over the disappointment easier if you let yourself feel the disappointment for a bit.  Don’t go throwing a pity party, but just let the disappointment sink in. Acknowledge it. You need to be able to see it for what it is so you can move on from it.

Disappointment-How to deal with it

  1. Get back to reality

    —is it really and truly that bad? After you have truly FELT the disappointment, it is  important to take a step back. It can seem like the biggest, most terrible thing that could possibly happen—But are you over dramatizing it?. It is important to recognize your feelings, but thoughts are not always the real deal. It is important to separate fact from fiction.

  1. Take the high ground.

    You have heard the adage. “It isn’t what happens to us, it is how we REACT to it that matters in the end.” We can choose what we do, say, and think about any given situation.”  Choose to react positively. It will keep you from drowning in the negativity.

  1. As started in #3. It is important that you don’t dwell  in negativity. 

    The big thing to dealing with disappointment is to not let it grow into stronger emotions like discouragement and depression. The longer you stay in the negativity of disappointment the easier it is to get caught up in discouragement, making it harder and harder to get out of. Which can lead to depression.  It is important to look for the positive and focus on that. Yes, it can be hard sometimes. The bigger the disappointment the harder you will need to focus on finding the positive. You can do it.

How do You Deal With Disappointment

  1. Find a way to de-stress in your everyday life.

    The more relaxed you are. The easier it is to deal with the stress and disappointments that come your way. Your general state of stress and anxiety can make you more susceptible to agitation. If you are totally stressed out on a daily basis, those little disappointments can snowball into something much bigger than they are. It is important to find things to do every day that keep you less stressed so that you don’t feel it is the end of the world every time you find yourself disappointed.


    —-It all comes down to our interpretation of what happens. This is way more important than what actually happens.  The more we can try to frame the disappointment in a way that’s constructive and positive while still being true to our feelings, the better we are able to process disappointment.

     7. Let other people’s opinions be just that.
     8. Don’t take on other peoples disappointments.

Stay clear from people who make a big deal out of everything that goes wrong. You have them in your office, maybe in your family unit. Those people who put a negative spin on everything.  Their negativity will splatter on everyone around them. Stay away from the blamers of this world too. Nothing is ever their fault. Sometimes you have to limit contacts and when exposed, let negative news go in one ear and out the other. You have your own disappointment to deal with.

How to Deal With Disappointment

  1. Start a journal. Writing things down can help get it out of your system. Writing our thoughts and feelings down on paper is a good way to start, because it can help you express concerns and emotions about your disappointment in a non-threatening way. The journal is non-judgmental and will listen. It can be a great way to grow, learn and transform from your disappointment. Writing can be uses to release pain and to also help us rebuild strength

10. Positive Thinking!!!!

When we get stuck focusing on bad news we lose sight of what is great in or lives.  We are naturally wired to focus on    the negatives in our lives.  You need to start rewiring your brain to look for the positives in your life. Start a gratitude journal. Read it out loud        every day. It is amazing how much this small thing can help in the way you see the things around you. Get to re-setting your brain!!!

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