How To Get Rid Of A Negative Mindset

Welcome to 2019!!! it is time to get rid of your negative mindset.!

I have never been one to celebrate the New Years with resolutions and such. I believe every day is a new day to get started on your goals. It drives me crazy when people wait until the “new year” to start something they could have started in October, or June for that matter.

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But is is a new year. So let’s talk about how you are going to handle the negative thoughts this year. This is going to be the year you turn that negative mindset around!!

I have been thinking about this very thing the past couple weeks. How to best overcome them. I’ll spare you the details but I transferred to another company in the fall, and well, I am wondering daily if it was for the best. There are definitely days that I am not sure.

I know a lot of you have the same struggle when it comes to your 9-5 so here’s hopefully a little inspiration on how you can change your mindset.

Mostly, I’m grateful to have a good and steady job that pays the bills and that I really enjoy doing.

But at the same time, there are days that I really want to give the higher ups a piece of my mind.

So when you add on the stress of the job (I’m basically being pulled in nineteen different direction…) it becomes really challenging to stay motivated and to keep a smile on my face when I’m at work.

Are You With Me!!

Well…….so here’s the thing – I’m an over-thinker and over-planner. I like to know what to expect and when. I like to have a plan and systematic plan of action. Yes, it can be intense, but I like to have a certain sense of control and at least knowing that I have a plan (that I can adjust if needed) helps puts my mind at ease.

But right now, I don’t have a concrete plan.  The higher ups keep changing what they want my plan to be. I know where I see my position in a year from now being, and I have an idea of what I want to accomplish, but some of the steps aren’t concrete enough for me yet.

So you can imagine my mindset right now – over-thinking, and worrying.

So what do I do to transform my mindset to make it more empowering and inspiring?

Let me first start by saying that working on your mindset is a lifelong effort because you will face different situation along the way that will challenge your status quo and your expectations and will surely derail your plan.

How To Get Rid of a Negative Mindset

How To Get Rid of a Negative Mindset

But at least having a few tools in your back pocket that you can turn to when your mindset is not in the right place will definitely help, and the more you practice it, the easier it will become and with time, you will be able to transform your mindset in an instant.

So here’s what I do when I want to take control of my mindset to make it more empowering and positive Click To Tweet


I sit down and write down the emotions that I’m feeling and why… and then challenge them. For example, I feel scared that I’m going to be stuck in this job, it isn’t going to get any better and I may not be making enough money to retire. I challenge that belief by asking myself: Am I really stuck in this job? And why am I already telling myself that I’m going to fail when the evidence shows that things are only getting better with time and that I need to stay patient?

Take Action

I’m scared I’m stuck at this job? Okay then, what are some concrete steps that I can take to make sure that I *DON’T*? Well, I can make up a plan for my boss to show where I would like to take my position in the future. Instead of just complaining about where the position is not going. Make a concrete plan to show him where I want it to go.


After I’ve taken the time to process the thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs, I do things that are uplifting – I go for a walk with the cutest little dog ever, or I come sit at the computer and write on my blog.  I choose to do things that I know will put me in a better mood.

There are times that it is easy to get stuck in a negative head space where your thoughts can spiral out of control and you can get stuck in a tailwind for days! It happens you spend too much time worrying about the what ifs.

How To Get Rid of a Negative Mindset

How To Get Rid of a Negative Mindset

These simple tricks help always help me get out of my head and change my mindset so that I can feel empowered. Making these small changes have helped transform my mindset to feel like I have control over my life and over my emotions. That being said I have to spend a little more time on each step as of late due to this damn menopause.

Making these small changes have helped transform my mindset to feel like I have control over my life and over my emotions. Click To Tweet

But I keep moving forward. Keep looking for the sunrise. And enjoy the simple things when I can.

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What kinds of things do you to do help change your mindset?

Loving life one day at a time!



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