Hi I’m Laura

I’m so glad you’re here!

​I’m a certified Life Coach & Personal Trainer and I have helped many menopausal women with their weight loss and lifestyle goals. I know how hard it can be, Trust me. I am there myself. I can help you to stay focused when you just want to stay in bed. I can help you lose the weight you are gaining through no fault of your own and maintain it!!!

Menopause can be a tough road on your own. The constant mood swings and binge eating. It is a roller coaster. I know. I had to readjust just about everything I knew from coaching and training to help myself lose the weight and get my mind back in the game.

The mind………….

It is pretty hard to stay focused when all you want to do is stand outside in the cool air and cry. You have gained weight, you are crying for no reason. Can you say EXTRA sensitive!!

It is time for a healthier you!!!


If you are tired of the weight loss roller coaster. Tired of following nutrition plans and programs that are meant for the 20 somethings of this world?

Are you tired of doing the same things over and over expecting a different result

Then you have come to the right place!!!

Let me help you on your journey.

When I first started personal training I was concerned with how many women were getting on and off the latest diet bandwagon, working out with no real idea as to why, and were still missing the foundation to get it right.

They were undermining themselves with the way they thought about their progress so far, their exercise program. themselves, and how they looked at food. So not only was I a personal trainer, but I needed to be a life coach as well. I needed to change the way they were thinking. Giving them a meal plan to follow and training them twice a week was not enough. I got my life coach certification through Fowler International Academy so I could offer my clients a more well rounded approach to their fitness and weight loss goals.

We needed to build a foundation.

 I will share what worked, what didn’t, and break things down so you can go from over-whelmed to the AHA moment when everything starts to click into place.

Life coach

I turned 50 last December, and I am all too aware of the challenges that menopause can bring to your weight loss journey. Join me as we traverse through this road of ups and downs, highs and lows on our way to living a better life.

There are many ways to follow along! I encourage you to follow me so you don’t miss out on a thing. You will find all of my social media buttons here on my blog.


Loving life one day at a time



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