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Weight loss starts with proper dieting, and exercise. It is even harder when you are going through menopause. I am a certified personal trainer who has helped many women reach and maintain their goal weight. In this blog category Weight Loss you will find everything from clean eating, home workouts, and information to maximize your weight loss efforts during this time of life.

Menopause-Why Is It Making Me Fat?

Menopause-Why Is It Making Me Fat?

Menopause weight gain. Damn menopause!!!  If you’ve entered this stage in your life, you’ve probably wondered why it doesn’t seem all that simple any more. If you have never had an issue with your weight before and now all of a sudden you seem to be packing on the...

KETO The Good The Bad And The Ugly

KETO The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Seems like everyone and their dog is jumping on the keto diet bandwagon these days. Every week I have a new client that is hoping that I will put her on this "miracle" diet to help her lose weight.  I don't. Yes, I know there are tons of success stories out there...

Here Is Another 10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Here Is Another 10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Here is another 10 reasons you are not losing weight. If you haven't read my first 8 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight. Read it HERE Losing weight can seem like an unreachable goal. I have seen it many times in my personal training practice with new clients. They feel...


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